About Us

Alpaca Creations strives to bring high quality apparel combining the ancient Peruvian textile tradition with a modern design. The products we sell are made of natural fibers and fabrics that come from Alpacas with ancestry in Peru. Alpacas are beautiful and hearty animals, that are able to withstand harsh environmental conditions and give seasons of amazingly soft clothing, supporting their owners and their families.

Alpaca Creations finest alpaca & baby alpaca products

Alpaca products are beautiful, sustainable, durable and giving back to our global family. With new designers and manufacturers getting into this exciting industry, alpaca products continue to expand at an exciting pace. At Alpaca Creations we will continue to show the latest interesting products created from this exquisite naturally unique fiber.
Alpaca fibers come in 22 color variations, including shades of blacks, browns, whites, grey and even maroon. Alpaca fiber has no lanolin (the oil found in sheep wool), making it hold less dust, allergens and bacteria. It’s odor, stain, flame and wrinkle resistant. It takes and retains dyes without losing its sheen.
Alpaca fiber is lighter, warmer and stronger than sheep wool. The highest quality alpaca fibers feel softer and smoother than cashmere. Products made of alpaca fiber are hypoallergenic, easy to care for and long-lived.